Awakened, Aware, Active, Informed, Determined Citizens can create Change
As the twenty 21st century moves, The power of the citizenry has assumed to be complex due to the declining trust of the citizenry on governments and public institutions. There need to increase willingness of citizens to take on responsibility for one another and for common good and in the long run construct institutions that defend core individual and political rights but this basic can never succeed unless individual citizens see themselves as active participants and not passive recipients of the these liberties from the governments.
At this same time, citizens need to wrestle with profound issues of moral responsibility for the past abuses in non violent peaceful way, through protests and non violent direct civic action, these need start non violent civic action movements in institution of learning, churches, in trade unions, in market halls, in trading centers and in students as form of political participation to call to attention and motivate others to apply pressure on public officials in a non violent way
Citizens need to take on the civil rights movements, by creating civil disobedience a form of protests that involve breaking the unjust behavior and laws of governments
‘’ in the words of Martin Luther King Jr, civil disobedience seeks to dramatize the issue such that it can no longer be ignored and through taking on the courage of leadership to eliminate discrimination, oppression, injustice from private life initiated the non-violent direct action a form of mass protests that involved breaking unjust laws in an open, loving and non- violent fashion.
In critical analysis, we the citizenry can do this, during elections, we use this energy’, why not now?, why Can’t citizens use the same energy to fight corruption?
In the course of event , its becomes necessary for people to dissolve the political bondage that they have connected with in the past and assume collectivity , as a reminder governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ‘’the citizens’’ that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it’s the right of the people to alter or abolish them, Citizens organizing their powers in such a form as of mass protest, engagements will be critically a sign of bad governance and in the reality check, citizens have petitioned the government for redress on these emerging issues in the most humble terms but these repeated petitions have been answered only by continued insults ,with I don’t care mind and aggressive use of force by state powers.

Our deepest fear as young people is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure in that we all should manifest the great energy that is within us to co create the better Uganda that we all envision, we all have a critical role to play individually, communally, with great need to co-exist inspiration, support and action as a process to lead to change and development
The recent cases of corruption and concentration of wealth can now be interpreted as a sign of failure of government; these cases are a violation of human rights and increase the uncertainty of the people about their future
These facts are a result of a dysfunctional political system that rewards self interests over common interests and short term political gains over long term interests of the citizenry, a system that puts government service of the powerful instead of service of the people who elect them
A machinery that offers opportunities for a select few and leaves the citizenry to die without drugs in hospital, with youth unemployment rates increasingly leading to frustration, anger, and despair, depilated education infrastructures, all these can no longer continue when the power is right in our hands,
It now looks very clear that we citizens are going to be taxed more, to assume services that will always be poorly delivered, services that are never going to be delivered at all and our duty will always be to just look on,
Edmund Burke ‘’ said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing”
Students for Global democracy Uganda
Member of young leader’s think tank for policy alternatives

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am social worker and youth activist working with Students for global democracy uganda on araea on human rights and democracy
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