The price of a representative democracy ‘’A government in power or a management team’a

Democracies rest upon the principles that government exists to serve the people; the people do not exist to serve the government. In other words, the people are citizens of a democratic state; not its subject. While the state protects the rights of its citizens, in return, the citizens give the state their loyalty
In the Uganda today, the story seems to face in the other side of the direction even when citizens through the electoral democracy process exercised in a democracy vote desire to chose their leaders and in the end exercise their full rights and responsibility . citizens move to put down all that they are doing and in the scorching sun, in long ques with so much patience and hope on their faces that they are rather choosing leaders who not only do not set their priorities rights but also miss manage the little resources that are collected by ordinary citizens
One wonders in a representative democracy, whether we have a government that is instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ‘’the citizens’’ or we have a management team
In the continuous process, the management team is supported by managers who progressively facilitate the team even when their seems to be no accountability of the monies that are funded
Its certainly true that this is the time that citizens and individuals should not function in isolation but rather bond together and exercise these rights fully that can be expressed in a direct democracy format of governance.
Broadly speaking, these functioning principles should move beyond political bondage and partisan affiliation and rather look at things in the reality check through much compromise, tolerance and cooperation among all citizens
As citizens, It’s only that moment that our ‘’ capacity for justice that democracy will be possible, but the inclination to injustice will make democracy necessary”

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am social worker and youth activist working with Students for global democracy uganda on araea on human rights and democracy
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